Wednesday, October 05, 2005

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nomination for Lomax The Songhunter

Filled with happiness and pride we hereby announce that LOMAX THE SONGHUNTER by Rogier Kappers has been nominated for a golden Calf for best long documentary on the Dutch Film Festival.

LOMAX THE SONGHUNTER by Rogier Kappers is in competition with:

IK EN MIJN OUDERS, MIJN OUDERS EN IK (me and my parents, my parents and I) by Gerrit van Elst
DE STAND VAN DE MAAN (Shape Of The Moon) by Leonard Retel Helmrich.

The Dutch Film Festival writes in their press release:

"Rogier Kappers makes the different aspects of the work and life of Alan Lomax in an un-ephatical way. Along the way the realization grows with the viewer that this isn't simply just the case of a driven visionair, but also of the power that music itself carries. Could- in regards to the jury- have lasted for several hours more!"

The Golden Calves will be handed out on Friday the 7th of October from 19:45 hours till 21:30 hours at the Central Studios in Utrecht. The award show can be viewed live on the internet at

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